by Trust Club

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released July 13, 2016

Jonathan Dithrich- Guitar and vocals
Kyle Bray- Drums
Francisco Gonzales- Bass

Recorded by Adam Gambel.
Mixed by Willie Samuels.
Mastered by Justin Lieberman.

Special thanks to Adam Gambel for his guidance, patience, and hard work.



all rights reserved


Trust Club San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Belong
Careening downward, I wonder
Is it safer on the ground?
No sense of belonging has offered me
Protection from the crowd.
Feels like a billion miles between
Me and where I belong.
I just wander farther and farther,
Then I find myself alone.

I'm lonely,
You don't have to look so far away.
I'm only
A demon in the woods stuck wandering.
I'm lonely,
You don't have to look so far away.
I'm a loner
Caught up in the world.

I loathe my lonely world.
I scratch until I bleed.
In this, I lose myself.
I lose where I belong.
Track Name: Heart of the Void
Mind receding, a curious feeling.
Blue's the color that ends me.
Mortal trial, a predator smiles
And chews the flesh off of my fresh depression.
Blue and seething, abounding with meaning,
I respect and deserve this.
So, I'm returning, senses are burning.
I'm ignited, possessed and out of control.

My resolve is wholly submissive,
Fiercely pummeled down.
I break ties with worldly commitments,
Facing forward bound.
I dissolve my only ambitions,
Sinking further down
To the disturbing heart of the void.
Track Name: Blue Portent
Lucid, mourning my losses.
I don't feel anything.
Trying to capture the moment,
I pause in silence as a wave of
The strangest emotions
Crushes my body,
And I know that you won't understand me,
But I know the ending,
It's not at all what you're looking for.

It feels like heaven, but in a darker way.
I suffer, and I wonder
What it feels like to get unaligned.
I'm terrified, delving into another world
Farther and farther,
Until I separate and unalign fully.
Track Name: The Escape
The point of this escapes me.
I'm searching for something better,
A more impressive likeness.
A few emotions changing,
I turn into something better,
But the affected glow is finite,
And still, my heart keeps changing.
The burden of self doubt
Is bringing my whole world down.

So why should I survive?
The future is dire, and I can't find a purpose.
I hold a billion pounds of nothing,
And the weight of my burden
Threatens to collapse me.
You could say that I'm failing in all the right ways.
I'm enduring a life of uncontrolled anxiety.
I reject this life, so I'm setting out for another way.
The feeling is lost, so I escape the heartache.

If the feeling is gone, then I escape unharmed.